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Idade : 29
Clan : Gs and NTR
Xfire : dmgirl
Versão : 1.0, 1.1 e TSS
Modo : BS
Country : Rules WWCzqr
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Data de inscrição : 25/04/2008

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MensagemAssunto: Rules   Rules Icon_minitime1Dom 12 Out 2008, 11:12

We ask everyone to observe the rules below, which were created in order to maintain order and allow mainly the healthy coexistence between members.

Article 1. Scope of the rules of the forum

The rules set out below should be obeyed by all members of the Forum and the violation of these involve the proper punishment, regardless of the position of member at the forum.

Article 2. Appropriate punishments

The punishments will be applied according to the seriousness of the violations. The trial of gravity lies with the administrators and moderators of the forum. The possible punishments are:

a. Warning or request for retraction from the administrators or moderators.
b. Editing or deleting the message.
c. Suspension of the forum.
d. Ban the permanent forum.

Article 3. Violation of the rules of the forum

Any message that violates the rules of the forum will suffer the appropriate punishment (according to the trial of the administrators and moderators).

Paragraph 1. In the first breach the member will receive a warning;
Paragraph 2. Repeating the violation will be suspended him for 24 hours;
Paragraph 3. In the new focus will be suspended for a week;
Paragraph 4. Insisting on the violation member will be banned permanently!

Article 4. Using the Forum

Before you post a question in the forum search and check if it has not been posted. Thus avoids the messages with repeated themes and remains the organization's board.

Article 5. Titles of topics

Titles not identify the contents of the topic can be changed by moderators or administrators of the forum without notice.

Article 6. Texts of Topics

Avoid using words abbreviated. Answers that want to be perceived to be written correctly and preferably with the use of commas and periods.
When answering a topic, seeking not flee the main subject.

Article 7. Right place for the opening of Topics

By creating a topic, do so in the appropriate section. Messages posted to inadequate sections only contribute to the disorganization of the forum.

Article 8. Signatures and Avatars

The use of signatures and avatars with custom size was allowed judging that the users would have common sense. Therefore, to create your signature or avatar, demand respect the following limits:

* Banners:
Maximum size allowed: 650x120 pixels (width x height).
Quantity: 01 (a).

* Avatars:
Maximum size allowed: 130x200 pixels (width x height).
Quantity: 01 (a).

* Bars (userbars):
Maximum size allowed: 350x19 pixels (width x height).
Quantity: 03 (three).

These limits seek to avoid the delay in the loading of pages.

Article 9. Unsubstantiated allegations or defamatory acts

Any member of the forum you want to accuse another member to do so upon presentation of proof (screenshot, recording the TS, etc.) on pain of suffering the punishment appropriate.

Article 10. Racist messages with pornographic content or making apology for illegal practices

Any messages with content that will be deleted without notice and the author will be warned. If it persists in posting such messages will be banned from forum.

Article 11. Personal Injuries

Discussions between members shall be exalted tolerated (since to maintain the level of maturity in the dialogue). Will not be allowed, however, by no means personal offense, being responsible for the offenses suffer the punishment appropriate.

Article 12. Incitement to discussions or confusion

Any message whose content will cause unnecessary confusion or discussions will be moved to the trash and that the same will suffer the appropriate punishment.

Article 13. Resolution of problems between members

Before posting any messages in the forum of a conflict occurred with another member, we recommend that, first, an attempt is made to end the problem through private messages or by xfire.

Par 15. Nicks Users

Knicks containing phrases or words that are offensive, the owner's nickname will be advised by MP over the affair. All users are allowed to change your username.

Par 16. Too many messages without relevant content.

If found the practice known as "flood" the user is alerted and the messages will be deleted without utility.

Par 17. Exceptional cases

Any cases not mentioned that will occur and which cause inconvenience or upset or even if they harm any member of the forum will be reviewed by administrators and moderators and the necessary measures are taken.

We appreciate the understanding and collaboration of all.

Administration of the Federation of Portuguese Swat4.

these rules were drawn up based on the rules of the forum of CET, and TST LBSWAT.

Rules Dmgirl
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